from Fall 2008 Issue...

Melissa Buckheit

White Goddess

How long you sleep
female without a head,

now piled sand by a friend in capris.

Say the head is separate from the body.

On this shore (Pacific), I house bliss drowning one

squares whose perimeters do not complete
run ninety degrees drop

off the face,

reappear as rosebush in Chinatown balcony—

I grip your neck,

not yet alive I

while the poet lies beside you
caresses your ear, educates Sun

I am the eye
the poet disinherits


fall 08 issue

I’m in the final editing stages of the Fall 2008 Issue. Contributors will preview their pages later this week, and will be online next week.

This issue will feature new work by...

Melissa Buckheit, Rachel Lehrman, Kenneth Pobo, Amy Lemmon,
Susan Terris, Steve Meador, Robert E. Wood, Laurel K. Dodge,
Karen Head, Scott Owens, Yun Wang, Collin Kelley, Amy Riddell,
Marge Piercy, Tammy Ho Lai-ming, Felicia Mitchell, C. S. Reid,
J. Alan Nelson, C. E. Chaffin, Deborah Vatcher, Leslie Marcus,

and more


Winter 2009 – special themed issue: Collaboration

Open for consideration: poetry of collaboration or art in collaboration with poetry.

I only consider new work that has not appeared in magazines, print or online...

E-mail submissions to bluefifth@lycos.com